In the News

  • Senior Design Project Combines Engineering with the Liberal Arts
  • A Robotic Punxsutawney Phil?
  • Serdar Benderli ’09 Takes First Place at Undergraduate Research Conference
  • Sriram Gopalakrishnan ’10 Places Second at Undergraduate Research Symposium at Lehigh University
  • An International Stage for the Vision of Ben Towne ’09
  • Students Teach Fourth Graders the Basics of Engineering
  • Students Develop Energy Storage System for Acopian Engineering Center
  • Shrutarshi Basu ’11 Learns How Programming Languages Solve Problems
  • William Hoffman ’10 Has Hands-on Experience in Power Supply Industry
  • Ben Doremus ’07 Gets Italian Children Excited about Learning
  • Kavinda Udugama ’09 Uses Knowledge and Experience to Encourage Economic Sustainability in Struggling Communities
  • ‘In My Own Words’: Dennis Waldron ’10 Experiences Naval Engineering Firsthand