Is the B.S. ECE degree in electrical engineering or computer engineering?

The degree is a Bachelor of Science in Electrical AND Computer Engineering (B.S. ECE). The curriculum is structured so that core courses in both electrical engineering and computer engineering are covered. A variety of electives support both aspects of the discipline. Thus, the B.S. ECE curriculum is designed to give graduates a solid background in electrical and computer engineering. Given the synergy between electrical engineering and computer engineering, we believe that this is the best approach and will prepare students for both a broader employment market and areas of study in graduate school.

Is the B.S. ECE degree accredited?

Yes, the degree is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). See the Department ABET Page for more information.

Can I take a minor as well?

Yes, many ECE students complete a minor in four years. Popular minors for ECE students are economics and business, computer science, and mathematics. However, students have also taken a minor in a variety of other programs including music, Languages and Literary Studies, and theater.

Can I double major?

Yes, however, the second major must be an A.B. degree. A double major usually requires five years to complete unless the student has a significant amount of advanced placement credit. ECE students have double majored in ECE and economics, ece and international affairs, ece and mathematics. the College Catalog has further information on double majoring.

Can I focus on a certain area of ECE?

Yes, but only to the extent your curricular requirements are met. If you have advanced placement, and you have room to take additional courses, you may take electives in a certain ECE or non-ECE area to further your study in a particular topic.

Can I study abroad?

Yes, there are opportunities to study in Madrid, Germany and other countries for a semester, or a three-week period while still completing the ECE degree in four years. Please consult your adviser about available study abroad programs to discuss their fit within your entire ECE schedule.